Refractive Lens Exchange

This is a surgery that is identical to cataract surgery, except the patient usually has a clear lens and not a cataract. The lens is removed so that a lens implant may be placed to correct the vision.

Clear Lensectomy

The quality of vision is generally better with lens implant procedures than with LASIK for high corrections. Clear lensectomy also offers the possibility of placing some of the newer lens implants such as multifocals and Crystalens that allow accommodation, i.e. the ability to see close up as well as far away.

At Bloomberg Eye Center, we have the versatility to offer a variety of procedures depending on our patient’s individual condition and vision requirements.

Who would benefit from Refractive Lens Exchange?

This is of benefit to those who have very high prescriptions outside the normal range for LASIK, who have thin corneas, or who are otherwise not candidates for laser vision correction.