Corneal Transplant

The cornea is like the window to the eye. It is the normally clear structure that allows light into the eye. Certain diseases and trauma can cause opacification of the cornea. This can lead to loss of vision.

Regain Vision With Corneal Transplants

Fortunately, vision loss due to purely corneal conditions is not irreversible. If other treatments fail, the cornea or parts of it can be replaced by donor tissue. Millions of people worldwide have regained their vision because of the generosity of those who have become tissue donors.

Full thickness corneal transplants (Penetrating Keratoplasty) involve replacement of the entire cornea with donor tissue from the eye bank. This procedure usually takes longer and involves significant visual rehabilitation.

Replace All or Part of the Cornea

Partial thickness procedures (DSAEK, etc.) are also employed at Bloomberg Eye Center for conditions that only affect the inner layers of the cornea. Here, only the inner layer of the cornea is replaced. This procedure is faster and has shorter recovery time and visual rehabilitation.