Floaters are normal irregularities or clumps that are part of the gel that fills the eyeball. These clumps tend to move with the gel and are noticeable if they are near the central vision. Most people live with their floaters and notice them only occasionally. In some cases floaters can be quite annoying. They can be distracting, or even block the central vision. At Bloomberg Eye Center in Newark and Columbus Ohio we can help manage symptomatic floaters.

Floater Treatments

If you wish to treat your floaters, there are two options:

1. Laser Treatment (Laser Vitreolysis). This is a short painless office procedure that takes a few minutes to perform. Laser breaks up floaters and moves them out of the way so they are less noticeable. It is effective in treating most floaters, and is usually the first option for most people.

2. Vitrectomy surgery. This is a short procedure done in the operating room where the entire gel is removed and replaced with fluid. Vitrectomy gets rid of all floaters, but it is a surgical treatment. It is especially useful in the case of dense diffuse floaters, as well as cases where laser has not been effective.

If your cobwebs or black dots have just started or if they are associated with flashing lights, this may be a sign of a more serious problem such as a retinal tear or detachment. You need to be seen for a thorough retinal exam. For chronic floaters that have been present for a while and are distracting or affect your vision, call Bloomberg Eye Center to see if a simple laser treatment can help.