Compare Eye-to-Eye

If you’re interested in LASIK surgery, you have a number of facilities to choose from. When you compare them, some differences are easy to see. Others are not.

How to choose a LASIK surgery center

For example, is the center you are considering a true medical practice led by doctors, or is it a corporation that hires surgeons and pretends to be a medical practice? We believe that flashy ads and claims are no substitute for expert and compassionate medical care.

Here’s why we are the #1 Choice for LASIK:
Bloomberg Others
Physician-owned and operated since 1970
Most experienced surgeon in Central Ohio with over 50,000 procedures
No hired, part-time, or traveling surgeons
Doctors answer to patients not the corporate owner
Caring staff that do not work on commission
Full-service medical and surgical center for lifelong eye care
Topography-guided custom technology
Blade-Free, All-laser technology Some don’t offer
Offer ICL and lens implants as alternatives to LASIK
Peace of mind best-price guarantee
0% Financing
Multiple Consumers’ Choice Awards

The LASIK procedure was simpler than I thought. Now I see 20/20. Bloomberg Eye Center made me feel at ease. I found out how fortunate we are to have Bloomberg Eye Center in our backyard.