Good Candidates

Although there are certain vision measurements and factors that may make you a
better candidate for LASIK, your personality is equally important.

Good Candidates:

  • Feel handicapped by dependence on corrective lenses
  • Have not been very successful with contact lenses
  • Are active and crave more freedom to participate in sports and other activities
  • Feel they look better without glasses
  • Worry about being incapacitated if corrective lenses were misplaced and they were unable to function in a crisis situation
  • Believe good natural vision without the hassle of corrective lenses is more important than perfect vision with corrective lenses
  • Would be happy if their natural vision was significantly improved, even if corrective lenses were needed part or full time
  • Are generally fairly easygoing and usually adjust well to change
  • Are not fanatic perfectionists
  • Feel they would have better career opportunities with better natural vision and have always envied people who do not need to wear corrective lenses

If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or expect to become pregnant within six months of treatment, you should not have any type vision correction surgery. Hormonal changes that make the body retain more fluid can cause your prescription to change during pregnancy. It is best to have treatment at least 3 months after you are no longer pregnant and no longer nursing.

During the screening process we usually recognize conditions, personality traits and expectations that do not fit the optimal profile for laser vision correction. In these instances we are open and honest with our recommendations against surgery.

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