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WaveFront® Technology and Custom LASIK

Improve Nighttime Vision with Custom LASIKAt Bloomberg Eye Center in Ohio, we keep up with advancements in LASIK eye surgery as part of our commitment to helping our patients achieve optimal vision. We have equipped our on-site surgery center with proven, state-of-the-art technology. We understand, however, that technology alone does not guarantee results. At Bloomberg Eye Center, we combine experience and personalized care with the latest technology to provide our patients with an unparalleled eye care experience.

Patients at our practice near Columbus, Ohio, can undergo custom LASIK eye surgery with WaveFront® technology. This technology was originally developed by NASA to build high-powered telescopes. The WaveFront® scanner used in custom LASIK vision correction creates a virtual map of the cornea by reflecting light off the back of the eye and detecting irregularities along the optical pathway. The computer uses this image to program the laser for customized treatment. With conventional LASIK eye surgery, the laser is programmed according to your prescription. In custom LASIK, your prescription is only used to crosscheck the accuracy of the computerized scan. WaveFront® LASIK has been instrumental in improving the quality of vision that can be achieved with laser eye surgery. It has also been effective in reducing the occurrence of adverse side effects such as nighttime visual irregularities.

CustomVueTM - Individualized Laser Vision Correction Bausch & Lomb ZyoptixTM

We provide our patients in Newark and Columbus, Ohio, with custom LASIK eye surgery on the advanced laser platform of VISX CustomVue™. The most advanced iris registration technology of VISX is now available to patients wishing to have the latest in laser vision correction. A study conducted by the FDA showed that 100 percent of custom LASIK patients saw well enough to drive without glasses, while 98 percent of patients achieved 20/20 vision and 70 percent saw better than 20/20.

At Bloomberg Eye Center, our trusted eye care experts cater to patients throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Our LASIK eye surgery specialists near Columbus have enabled thousands to see clearly and naturally through the use of the CustomVue™ system and the latest advances in laser vision correction. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you to experience rich, clear vision through LASIK.

"To be able to wake up in the morning and see clearly is a privilege I never thought I’d have again." - Thalia Oster, JD


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