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Custom LASIK

Bloomberg Eye Center in Newark and Columbus, Ohio — Custom LASIK Vision Correction

The ability to customize LASIK surgery for each patient has revolutionized the results that are possible and has given our eye
surgeons a way to create individualized vision correction plans for each patient. At Bloomberg Eye Center in Newark and Columbus, Ohio, we use only the latest in custom LASIK technology for extraordinary vision correction results and unmatched patient satisfaction.

Custom LASIK for Individualized Vision Correction

In conventional LASIK vision correction surgery, your prescription from eyeglasses or contact lenses is used to program the laser. However, since each person’s vision correction needs are as individual as their fingerprints, this approach produces only mediocre results. At Bloomberg Eye Centers in Newark and Columbus, Ohio, we use custom LASIK for personalized vision correction.

Through the use of WaveFront® technology our doctors can precisely measure the optical distortions of the eye that cause vision problems. These measurements are used to create a map of the eye, which is transferred directly to the laser for exceptionally personalized LASIK vision correction.

For our patients in Newark and Columbus, Ohio, we provide custom LASIK vision correction using the advanced VISX CustomVue™ laser platform. CustomVue™ uses the WaveScan™ WaveFront® system with Iris Registration Technology: a fully automated method of ensuring accurate alignment of the WaveFront® measurements for precise results.

Read more about VISX CustomVue™ technology , and why it is the preferred laser platform for custom LASIK procedures at Bloomberg Eye Center.

At Bloomberg Eye Center in Ohio, our experienced ophthalmologists have performed more LASIK vision correction procedures than any other single practice in central Ohio. The use of the latest advances in custom LASIK have allowed our LASIK specialists to help thousands of patients throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky to see clearly and naturally, without the need for corrective lenses. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you to experience rich, clear vision with LASIK.

Mapping the Eye for Custom Vision Correction

During the custom LASIK vision correction procedure, you will stare at a fixed point while a light is shined into your eyes. This light bounces off the back of the eye and back out through the front of the eye where it is read by the WaveFront® sensor which creates the map of the eye. The irregularities of the cornea, which are responsible for vision problems, are revealed in this map which is sent to the laser and used as a guide for the surgery.

The WaveFront® map guides the laser in the removal of corneal tissue from the eye in a succession of pulses. In addition to correcting nearsightedness, custom LASIK vision correction can also correct halos, glare, and poor night vision for many patients.

Contact Bloomberg Eye Center in Newark and Columbus, Ohio, if you are interested in custom LASIK vision correction. We combine expertise, commitment, and unmatched patient care to help you achieve extraordinary vision correction results.


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