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Refractive Surgery Choices
Here are some of the more common refractive procedures offered at Bloomberg Eye Center in Newark, Ohio.  The best choice for you will depend on the specific qualities and health of your eyes, your desire for quick recovery, as well as cost.  For a more detailed explanation and questions please contact one of our refractive counselors.

Procedure Description
Standard LASIK
  • Correction based on prescription (near and far-sightedness, astigmatism)
  • Longest track record
  • Minimal glare may be expected
  • No royalty fee, more affordable
Custom LASIK
  • Wavefront-guided, individualized treatment
  • Corrects the prescription (as in standard LASIK) plus “optical aberrations” that cause glare.
  • Better quality of vision and less glare than standard LASIK (especially night vision)
  • Enhancements less likely than standard LASIK
Blade-Free Custom (iLASIK)
  • All the benefits of Custom plus:
  • Minimizes flap-related optical aberrations
  • Safest form of LASIK
  • Consistent, controlled flap creation done with Intralase laser (blade-free technology)
  • The technology approved for Navy Pilots and Astronauts
Surface Treatment
  • Reserved for irregular or thin corneas
  • Laser done directly with no flap
  • Longer recovery, but same visual results as LASIK
ICL Implants
  • Implantable contact lens
  • Used for high prescriptions or when corneal surgery is not safe.
  • Better quality of vision than LASIK for the right candidate


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