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On-Site Surgery Center
AAAHC-Certified Facility

Bloomberg Eye Center was one of the first eye care practices in Ohio to own an on-site certified and modern ambulatory surgery center. Here, our competent and caring staff is able to provide patients in and around Columbus and Central Ohio with LASIK vision correction and other leading surgical procedures.
Most hospitals cannot afford to have a staff dedicated specifically to eye surgery. The staff of Bloomberg Eye Center, however, is dedicated specifically to eye surgery, offering an enhanced level of care and convenience for our patients and their accompanying family members. We have five operating rooms on the premises, which means patients can have most procedures performed efficiently at our surgery center in a familiar, comfortable environment. Operating our own facility allows us to avoid many of the bureaucratic obstructions associated with hospitals. As such, we have been able to increase our attention to patient care.

If you live in or around Columbus, Ohio, West Virginia, or Kentucky, contact our LASIK vision correction center today to schedule a free consultation or to learn more about the latest in surgical eye care services.

"The service was exceptional. I would trust the Bloomberg Eye Center to handle all aspects of my vision." - Luann Cooperrider 


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