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Ohio and West Virginia LASIK Eye Surgery Services

LASIK is the most commonly performed refractive surgery in the United States. This extraordinary procedure allows people to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. If you have considered having LASIK eye surgery, it is likely that you are interested in the safety, results, comfort, and cost of the procedure, as well as how to choose an experienced LASIK surgeon.

Bloomberg Eye Center attracts patients from cities across Ohio as well as West Virginia and Kentucky . In providing patients with exceptional LASIK eye surgery, we have repeatedly been the recipient of the Consumers’ Choice Award™ for quality, value, and service in laser vision correction.

"I had a cataract sugery in my right eye less than 24 hrs ago and I can see like I was 19 years old again; it’s a miracle." - Carl Lombardo

At Bloomberg Eye Center, we have performed more LASIK procedures than any other single practice in central Ohio. We offer experience combined with the latest technology to achieve superior results. We are not a “corporate center” with hired, part-time, or traveling surgeons, but a surgeon-owned medical practice operating since 1970. We are here to care for our patients before and after surgery 24 hours a day.

With centers in Newark, Columbus, and Logan, patients from across Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky can take advantage of LASIK eye surgery. Contact Bloomberg Eye Center for a complimentary vision correction evaluation and consultation.

Your LASIK EXPERIENCE at the Bloomberg Eye Center

After your initial phone call, the staff at one of our facilities in the Columbus, Ohio area, will schedule you for a free LASIK eye surgery evaluation and consultation. During this time, you will receive a complete eye exam from one of our doctors. The exam takes about two hours. Your pupil size is recorded and your eyes are dilated. Your prescription is checked before and after dilation. Corneal mapping is performed, and the thickness of your cornea is measured. The doctor examines the outer and inner parts of your eyes. He or she will then review your medical history and discuss laser vision correction options with you. One of our friendly LASIK counselors will then discuss scheduling and price/financing issues and answer any other questions you might have. If you choose to schedule your surgery at this time, you are given a date and a pre-op information packet.

Whether you are a local resident of Columbus, Ohio or from Kentucky or West Virginia, it is important that when you arrive for your LASIK eye surgery you are accompanied by someone who can drive you home after the procedure. You should plan to be at our facility for about an hour, unless other testing is still required. Most people are given a Valium during this time – this helps you go to sleep when you return home. You are then directed to the appropriate laser suite, while your family or friends are taken to a viewing room so they can watch your LASIK eye surgery. The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes for both eyes. All you are required to do is lie on your back and focus on a blinking light. Most people experience very little discomfort because of anesthetic eye drops that are applied prior to surgery. After the procedure, a clear shield is placed over your eyes and post-op care is reviewed with you again.

Most people can see well enough to get around on their own immediately. Vision improves over the following hours, and almost all patients have good functional vision by the next day.

We have helped thousands of people in Columbus, central Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky eliminate or reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Please contact our practice for more information about our LASIK eye surgery services. Our doctors would love to help you live your life free of such limitations as well.

"I looked around at the other LASIK centers and found that Bloomberg had the most caring staff, the best practice and they had the best results." - Megan Lendavic


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