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Crystalens and Multifocal Lenses

Once the clouded, natural lens has been removed during cataract surgery, an intraocular lens is implanted to aid in focusing ability, usually reducing the need for glasses and contact lenses. Today, advances in lens technology allow for focusing at a variety of ranges and in a range of lighting conditions. These lenses are foldable, allowing them to be inserted through the small incision made during cataract surgery, leading to a quick recovery.

We use the following types of "premium" intraocular lenses at Bloomberg Eye Center:

ReSTOR Multifocal® 

The ReSTOR® diffractive multifocal lens allows for quality vision at a variety of lighting conditions and distances.Multifocal lenses can incuce glare in some patients, but they are quite good for near vision.

Tecnis Multifocal™ 
The Tecnis™ diffractive multifocal lens has a multi-tiered surface of concentric rings that both gather and transmit light evenly, allowing for a full range of vision at close, middle, and distance vision.  Glare can still be an issue as in all multifocal lenses.

Crystalens® is the only accomodative implant approved in the US.  It has a wider focus range than standard implants and allows for excellent distance and intermediate vision.  Near vision may not be as good as multifocals,  but it also does not have the glare issues associated with multifocal lenses.

For more information about the intraocular lenses used following cataract surgery or for an evaluation to determine if you have cataracts, contact our Newark and Columbus, Ohio location.


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